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Flight Training Programs

Are you interested in fliying or just take a flight for fun? you can check your abilities in a Discovery flight.

Time Building Programs

We are leaders in the Single Engine and Multi Engine time building business, in order to increase your flying hours.

License Conversion Process

Come to the U.S. and We will help you to to convert your Foreign Pilot License to a FAA Pilot License.

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Certified Flight Instructors

Best FAA Approved Flight Instructors

Quality Services

Best services for all you needs

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Best prices in US for flying

Testimonials from our students

I have taken my Professional Pilot Course with IPS Flight in 6 months just as the promised. Now I’m taking my Certified Flight Instructor Course and they already offered me a job interview. I’m looking forward to work with them.
Diego Ortiz
I was lost about which school to pick in order to finish as soon as possible and fortunately I saw an advertisement about IPS Flight. What attracted me the most was the short term the use to finish their programs and their good prices. Now I am having a great experience with IPS Flight.
Saudi Arabia
Honestly the reason why I recommend IPS Flight is because I got there with one goal which was to finish my requirements to get my Private Pilot Course and this school made my dream possible in a very short period of time.
Jonathan Mccrea

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